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Chris and Julie have a child with a serious illness. He has brought great joy to their lives but the unique challenges of long hospital stays and massive medical bills has resulted in explosive arguments that threaten to drive them apart….

Stan and Suzanne have experienced job loss, foreclosure and bankruptcy. Their marriage is hanging by a thread…

Charlie has protected and served his community for over 25 years. The stressful nature of law enforcement has been very hard on his marriage. Charlie and his wife Kaye are starting to talk about divorce… and a first responder/military scholarship may make the difference in them attending this workshop to put their marriage back together.

The names have been changed, but the scenarios are very real. Many couples need help in rebuilding and restoring a fractured marriage, but they cannot afford to see a counselor or pay to attend a workshop. Your gift makes it possible for us to serve couples who are struggling, and provide the tools they need to build a marriage that is resilient through the challenges of life.

Your gift provides hope. Your gift saves marriages. Your gift restores families. YOU can make a difference!!




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