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What is the purpose and goal of Marriage Dynamics Institute?

We want to ensure that couples stay married and families stay together. We work with Church Marriage Ministries to help build stronger, happier marriages and families through specialized classes, trainings and workshops that increase marital satisfaction while reducing the rate of divorce.

What makes you different from other marriage programs?

It’s our approach to marriage education and ministry. We believe in empowering couples with life and communication skills that create sustainable life change in their relationship. Imparting knowledge, as helpful as it is, isn’t enough to bring about and sustain change. We use an experiential learning process to educate the mind and touch the heart. Not only impactful and lasting, this type of interactive learning is enjoyable.

Is your organization designed for marriage counseling or therapy?

All classes and workshops of Marriage Dynamics Institute are educational experiences and not a form of marriage therapy.

Where are the workshops held?

Marriage Dynamics Institute conducts over 35 marriage and training workshops a year. For a complete list of cities and dates, see our workshop schedule & location calendar.

Where are your other classes held?

All of our enrichment classes are available through local Churches.

What types of workshops do you offer?

Marriage Dynamics Institute offers 3 uniquely different types of workshops:

  1. Marriage Enrichment
  2. Training in Marriage Ministry & course facilitation
  3. Intensives for Marriages in Crisis
As a participant, what can a couple expect in your workshops & classes?

Our workshops are impactful, interactive, & experiential. We do not judge or preach. We support, teach, and guide couples to self-develop needed relationship skills that strengthen their marriage. Through group discussions and interactive exercises, couples gain a clearer understanding of themselves and their spouses while developing good habits, accountability, and a deeper sense of purpose and commitment in their marriage.

Are you affiliated with any particular denomination?

We serve over 50 different denominations and church organizations. Our materials embrace the biblical truth of Christian marriage.

What are the benefits for a church in working with Marriage Dynamics Institute?

Marriage Dynamics Institute is not just a curriculum provider. We are a ministry dedicated to serving the needs of Church and Marriage Ministry leaders in developing, implementing and sustaining an effective Marriage Ministry. Each client church is assigned a Ministry Consultant who personally assists, educates, and supports the needs of the church’s ministry and lay leaders.

What will I learn at the training?

You will learn how to design a church-based comprehensive Marriage Ministry and how to facilitate high-impact, transformative Marriage Enrichment classes.

Why do I have to attend a training workshop?

Our high-impact, transformative courses use very specific group dynamic environments that are unique to Marriage Dynamics Institute and their partner churches. You will personally experience the power of the group environments at the training which is key to the effectiveness of the course along with course topics and exercises. Additionally, you’ll learn about Marriage Ministry from an “overall outcome” perspective, not just a focus on one component or class. The training also provides practical information and tips for implementing a “Comprehensive” Marriage Ministry in your church.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Payment plans are available. Our goal is to make this workshop available to as many couples as possible. For more information contact a Ministry Consultant at our office: 800.650.9995

How far in advance should I register?

Due to limited availability, we recommend that you register at least 6-8 weeks before the workshop. When possible, we accept late registrations up to four days prior to the workshop.

How do I register for a training workshop?

We recommend that you speak with a Ministry Consultant to determine the next best steps for you and the vision for your church.

Is this a form of marriage counseling?

This training is designed to give you solid information about marriage and certify you to lead our high-impact, transformative, small group marriage enrichment classes. It does not train you to do one-on-one marriage counseling.

How do I bring a training workshop to my community?

Each year we do a number of church requested workshops. Please contact a Ministry Consultant for more information: 800.650.9995

Do you offer on-line training?

We offer on-line continuing education for ministry partners that have initially trained at a live, in-person workshop.

Who should attend the training?

Church staff, Marriage Ministry leaders, and all who are passionate about helping marriages will benefit from the Marriage Ministry Training.