It's not over. There is hope.



A New Beginning is a turn-around weekend designed to help couples who feel stuck in an unhealthy marriage, couples who are frustrated and unhappy, and couples considering divorce. Any marriage can be saved, and our experience with thousands of couples proves that it really is possible for both husband and wife to fall deeply in love with each other again, and build a mutually satisfying relationship that will last.

Three out of four couples who attend A New Beginning choose to stay married. Our statistics indicate that couples who attend this weekend leave our interactive workshop with the tools they need to make their marriage work and more than 75% stay together. Even couples who decide not to remain in their marriage recommend this marriage workshop to others, because the insights gained and the skills learned are invaluable and life changing!

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Scheduled Workshops:

07/19 - 07/21
A New Beginning – Spring, TX (Registration OPEN through July 12th)

08/16 - 08/18
A New Beginning – Indianapolis, IN (Registration OPEN through August 9th)

09/13 - 09/15
A New Beginning – Nashville, TN (Registration OPEN through September 6th)

10/18 - 10/20
A New Beginning – Spring, TX (Registration OPEN through October 11th)

11/15 - 11/17
A New Beginning – Nashville, TN (Registration OPEN through November 8th)

12/06 - 12/08
A New Beginning – Nashville, TN (Registration OPEN through December 2nd)

  • Couples trying to decide whether to stay together.
  • Couples currently separated.
  • Couples who cannot stop fighting.
  • Couples who want to understand each other, and communicate at intimate levels.
  • Couples trying to recover from an affair (adultery, infidelity, cheating wife, cheating husband).
  • Couples who don't know where to go for help.
  • Couples who are divorced because of marriage problems but want to see if reconciliation is possible.

A New Beginning is led by a highly skilled marriage counselor and their spouse. After the workshop, we can recommend other resources to help couples continue moving in the right direction.

A New Beginning workshops are held in larger cities across the United States. A consultant can tell you which workshop location is closest to you.


“A friend who had attended the workshop recommended we try it. I had a hard time getting my spouse to agree to come and I did not have much faith that anything much would happen. I was looking at this as a way for us to learn to be nicer to each other as we pursued divorce. I am amazed that this workshop opened our hearts to what we have and gave us such specific tools to fix the weaknesses. I truly feel that we have been blessed by a miracle…”
ANB Participant, Nov. 2016

“…Exceeded my expectations and gave me clarity. I’m glad I came and that we did this together...I highly recommend this and wish we had done this years ago! ...”
ANB Participant, Jan. 2017

“I was incredibly impressed with the workshop. I love that the advice is research-based and concisely delivered…Thanks for giving me the hope, tools and confidence to make the changes that will save our future together.”
ANB Participant, Oct. 2016



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