7 Tips for a Great Football Season

Seven Tips for a Great Football Season

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Millions of men in the U.S. love football. In fact, even though many wives may roll their eyes, this time of year is perhaps one of the most exciting for husbands across the nation as they get ready for their favorite teams to hit the gridiron. (Important note: Many wives enjoy football just as much as their husbands do, some …

Planning the Perfect August Wedding

Planning the Perfect August Wedding

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One mother planning her daughter’s perfect August wedding commented to a friend, “This is practically a full-time job.” Another mom planning a similar event for her daughter confided in a friend that she had mixed emotions about the big day because her own marriage was falling apart. The outcomes of these two scenarios were completely different. One couple followed up …

Great American Eclipse Photo from NASA

Four Things You Need to Know to Eclipse Mediocre in Your Marriage

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This year, August 21 will play host to what many are calling The Great American Eclipse. An ABC News report reveals that a total eclipse of the sun happens somewhere in the world every 12 to 18 months. It hasn’t happened in the US, though, since 1979. And it hasn’t happened ​only​ in the U.S., like this one, since 1776. …