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I. Timing
  1. Conduct this 45-minute session on the same day, time, and in the same room as the class.
II. Room Arrangement
  1. Set up room in an arrangement that does not resemble your eight class sessions.
III. Things to Bring to the Pre-session
  1. Class materials in bags (include pink and blue highlighters)
  2. Pre-written name tags
  3. Pens
  4. Refreshment schedule
  5. Refreshments purchased by you ($10 limit)
IV. Don’t Forget
  1. Listen to the second message on your facilitator CDs entitled, Pre-session, in preparation for your Pre-session!
V. Pre-session Agenda
  1. Explain the homework assignment and how to do it.
    1. Complete the daily homework assignments as scheduled in the handbook.
    2. If an assignment requires a part of a future day’s assignment, revise schedule accordingly.
  2. Explain the confidentiality of the group.
    1. Everything said in class must remain within the group.
      • The class becomes very hurtful otherwise.
      • Confidentiality is a key ingredient in developing a safe sharing room.
    2. If anyone is unwilling to keep the confidentiality rule:
      • Talk to me after the Pre-Session.
      • I’ll try to find someone to buy your materials and take your place.
    3. Explain the consequences of a confidentiality breach.
      • You will apologize to the person(s) harmed.
      • You will apologize to the class.
      • The class must determine whether to allow you to stay in the class or not.
      • If even one person does not feel comfortable with the couple staying then both husband and wife must leave the group.
  3. Explain how social media, if used improperly, could also destroy confidentiality.
    1. Taking pictures or videos while in class is a violation of confidentiality.
    2. Recording someone in class can also be a violation of confidentiality.
    3. Posting these pictures, videos, or recordings on social media would be a far worse confidentiality violation.
    4. Feel free to use social media to share how the course is enriching your own marriage, but don’t involve others through pictures, videos, or recordings of a class session.
    5. Feel free to take an after class picture or video and post it on social media, but only IF everyone gives you permission to do so.
  4. Complete the Course Agreement found on the page opposite page 1 in the student handbook.
    1. Read aloud the course agreement
    2. Ask each spouse to sign the appropriate space on their agreement forms
    3. Ask another class member to sign as a witness on each form
    4. Ask the group to raise their right hands and hold them to keep the commitment
  5. Explain that every couple that attends at least 6 of the 8 sessions and completes the homework for all 8 sessions receives a graduation certificate from MDI.
  6. Distribute the refreshment schedule.
  7. Give each person the link to the Dynamic Marriage Student Audios
    1. To download or stream the Dynamic Marriage Student Audio Files, go to this link:
  8. Close and invite them to the refreshment table.

Facilitator: Copy the information below and give it to anyone who has not yet registered online:

If anyone has not yet registered online, before you start your assignments tomorrow, go to the following website:

Then, locate your class on the website. Click on the Register button next to your class. Please fill out the form completely and click on Register.
You will receive an email confirming your registration. This email will also include a link for the Beginning of Class Survey.