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10 Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Love Every Day

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What if every day were Valentine’s Day? I know, I know. You want to show how much you care for your spouse, but it feels like it takes a ton of effort and thought just to make the officially recognized holiday special.

Just hear me out.

Think about the mindset that makes February 14th such a romantic day.  The happiest couples make it a habit to carry that perspective into everyday life. It really doesn’t take much thought, money, or effort to remind your spouse how much you love them. Here are a few ideas….

10 Simple Ways to Show How Much You Care:

  • Serve them breakfast in bed. Don’t forget to do the dishes!
  • Write a note of reflection to remind them how much they mean to you.
  • Show appreciation with a token like candy or flowers.
  • Make time to connect by planning a date.
  • Honor them with sincere and heartfelt words about why you think God brought you together.
  • Celebrate your love with an excellent meal.
  • Dream of your ideal future together as you plan great days.
  • Enjoy the company of your spouse by taking a long walk, holding hands.
  • Keep the fires of romance hot with, well, you know.
  • Pray together and ask God to be the center of your marriage.

One a Day

Think that sounds out of reach? Hardly. If you slow down a little and put first things first, you can easily accomplish something on the list every day.

Think about it. You’re probably going to eat breakfast anyway. It will cost you one egg, a piece of bacon and toast, and a glass of orange juice. That’s probably about $1.50 and 10 minutes of your time. It costs even less to tell your spouse why you love them or to swallow your pride or fear to be vulnerable and transparent before God in prayer.

For that matter, even the meal doesn’t have to be expensive or take place in a restaurant. Share a simple meal by candlelight. Dimming the lights and adding a few candles makes the humblest of meals feel special. And when it comes to the amount of time you need to spend? Fifteen to thirty minutes goes a long way.

The point is that you can do something every single day that doesn’t take a lot of serious investment, but will mean the world to your spouse. What do you think is better? One day a year with all of the items on our list, or one thing from our suggestions every day?

The Thought Really Does Count

What we’re saying is that as enjoyable as Valentine’s Day might be, you’ve got the blessing of 364 other 24-hour periods during the year to show gratitude for the gift of sharing life with your spouse.

You don’t have to be a Champion of Romance to champion romance in your marriage. You only have to be intentional, put your spouse first, and take the initiative to show how much you care and want the best for them.

For some of us, simple things like a good morning kiss, holding the door, or holding hands can make all the difference. Don’t know where to start? See the list above. Make modifications if you have to. What matters is that you carry what makes Valentine’s Day special through every day you’re given to spend with your spouse.

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