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From Separation to Sharing the Love: A Dynamic Marriage Journey

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Every Dynamic Marriage journey has a “before” story. For *Greg and Kate Watts, the story began when they met in 1976. According to them, it was love at first sight. We enjoyed being together and spending hours in great conversation.  We shared the same sense of humor.  Our interests were similar.  We enjoyed going to church together and our personalities …

We saved our marriage.

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Did we return home after our weekend at A New Beginning all lovey-dovey and fixed? Absolutely not. But we did come home armed with tools, knowledge, processes, and most importantly, hope. We had hope that, with work, we could save our marriage.

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Are Considering Divorce

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This powerful post about divorce was written by our friend, Pastor Brian Jones. It was originally posted at happinessable.com, and it is published here with permission. Also, if you are struggling in your marriage, please reach out for help. We offer several marriage courses, and our transformative A New Beginning workshop is specifically designed for couples who are in crisis and headed for …

Surviving the Holidays During a Marriage Separation

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Holiday music is playing everywhere. Hallmark is running sentimental movies in a perpetual loop on television. Your mailbox is flooded with catalogues, reminding you of gifts you want to purchase and how little time you have to do that. A marriage separation is a difficult and emotional time The stress that comes with the holidays can often make things worse. If you are …