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Don’t Let These Marriage Misconceptions Derail Your Relationship

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Before getting married, most of us believe we have some idea of what makes a marriage successful. Consciously or subconsciously, we have formed opinions as we’ve made observations and absorbed information from other people, books, the internet, TV, or other sources. Unfortunately, some popular beliefs about marriage aren’t accurate. Some may contain a bit of truth, but they are not …

Secrets to a Successful Marriage-Become a Better Spouse

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People aren’t perfect. So there’s no such thing as the perfect mate. But there are ways we can all improve, and learn how to become a better spouse.  Here are five things you can do every day that are pretty much guaranteed to make your spouse a little crazy…as in crazy in love with you. 1. Show RESPECT  First of …

Is It Possible to Fall Out of Love?

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Albert Einstein once said, “You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.” No indeed. So if you’ve been “bitten by the love bug” or shot by one of “cupid’s” arrows, you may seem “head over heels” or even “love sick”. Researchers have discovered chemical reactions in the brain that account for such behavior. It seems that increased levels of the feel-good …

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Are Considering Divorce

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This powerful post about divorce was written by our friend, Pastor Brian Jones. It was originally posted at happinessable.com, and it is published here with permission. Also, if you are struggling in your marriage, please reach out for help. We offer several marriage courses, and our transformative A New Beginning workshop is specifically designed for couples who are in crisis and headed for …

4 Reasons Your Church Needs a Marriage Ministry

Four Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Marriage Ministry

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There is a temptation to lump religious people into the same category as non-religious when it comes to predicting the success rate of marriage. Many have promoted the idea that the divorce rate among the two groups is nearly the same. Furthermore, speculation that non-religious couples are more likely to cohabitate rather than get married has caused some to skew the …

Getting to the Best Pulled Pork in Marriage

Getting to the Best Pulled Pork in Marriage….

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Did you know one of the most popular Internet searches today is the two yummy little words “pulled pork?” Though I’ve been married 26 years, I’ve never made it at home. It’s not because we don’t like it. Our family has tried numerous barbecue places to see whose sandwich is the best. How is one to know? Everyone claims they’ve …