Gray Divorce-Older Couples Calling It Quits

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Do you ever wonder why so many couples make it through twenty-five, or thirty or even forty years of marriage and then call it quits? “Gray divorce” usually refers to baby boomer couples who split up after a long marriage. And while the divorce rate in the United States has fallen slightly over the past twenty years, divorces among those …

Is It Possible to Fall Out of Love?

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Albert Einstein once said, “You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.” No indeed. So if you’ve been “bitten by the love bug” or shot by one of “cupid’s” arrows, you may seem “head over heels” or even “love sick”. Researchers have discovered chemical reactions in the brain that account for such behavior. It seems that increased levels of the feel-good …

We saved our marriage.

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Did we return home after our weekend at A New Beginning all lovey-dovey and fixed? Absolutely not. But we did come home armed with tools, knowledge, processes, and most importantly, hope. We had hope that, with work, we could save our marriage.

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Are Considering Divorce

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This powerful post about divorce was written by our friend, Pastor Brian Jones. It was originally posted at, and it is published here with permission. Also, if you are struggling in your marriage, please reach out for help. We offer several marriage courses, and our transformative A New Beginning workshop is specifically designed for couples who are in crisis and headed for …

What You Really Need to Know about Lysa TerKeurst's Divorce

What You Really Need to Know about Lysa TerKeurst’s Divorce

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Editor’s note: While we believe this content is still relevant to our readers, we do want to make you aware of some new information. We have posted an update at the end of this article. It’s happened again. Another high profile marriage has ended. The Christian world was shocked not long ago when Lysa TerKeurst announced she was ending a …