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14 Fun Fall Date Night Ideas

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Have you taken time for a date lately? Just the two of you, with no little ones in tow?

With the colorful foliage and a slight chill in the air, fall is a wonderful season to enjoy a romantic afternoon or evening together.

Here are some fun ideas to inspire you…

14 Fall Date Night Activities

    • Go for a hike or bike ride in a scenic area

      This one is a must, especially if you live near mountains or other areas painted in autumn hues. Don’t forget to snap some pics!

    • Corn maze

      Whether you prefer the night-time “haunted” variety or a daytime adventure, navigating a corn maze together can be a blast.

    • Cuddle by the fireplace

      This is a romantic way to warm up after an outdoor date, but it makes a fine date night activity of its own, too. Snuggle up by a warm fire and reminisce about happy memories or dream about the future. Enjoy some hot cocoa or cider, or try an apple cider float!

    • Take a hot air balloon ride

      It’s a bit of a splurge, but what could be more romantic than enjoying the brilliant fall landscape as you float through the air together?

    • Go camping

      Rekindle your romance by enjoying a cozy night outdoors in a state park or even your own backyard. Cook hot dogs and s’mores over the fire and watch the sunset together before snuggling into your tent. 

    • Head to a football game

      Wear school colors, share some popcorn and sodas, and cheer on the home team at a local high school or college game. 

    • Carve pumpkins

      Head to your local pumpkin patch together, then bring your selections back home for some creative fun. Compete to see who can create the scariest, most unique, or funniest design. 

    • Have a picnic

      This is another versatile idea that is great all by itself or combined with another date activity. You can go as fancy or simple as you like with the food: Pack a bottle of wine with some cheese, fruit, and chocolate; bring a delicious salad and some sandwiches; or just pick up a bucket of fried chicken and sides. Grab a blanket, along with a board game, cards, a guitar, or anything else you might enjoy.

    • Go horseback riding

      As long as you’re both game, riding horses together can be great fun! If you’re inexperienced, be sure to book your outing with a reputable stable and request a guide. Depending on your location, you may be able to choose between a trail or beach ride.

    • Have a cuppa

      Head to a coffee shop and chat as you enjoy a delicious seasonal treat together. Pumpkin-spiced chai or salted caramel latte, anyone?

    • Go zip lining

      Indulge your inner adventurer! Zip lining will get your adrenaline going as you soar through the trees, and you and your spouse will be high-fiving each other at the end. 

    • Visit the zoo

      Fall is a great time to visit the zoo, because it’s usually less crowded and the animals are more active during cooler weather. Just don’t tell the kids you went without them!

    • Fall dessert night

      Satisfy your sweet tooth by making a fall dessert (or two!) together. Whether you choose pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies, sweet potato pie, or even caramel apples, this is a great season for yummy desserts.

    • Day trip

      If you can carve out time for a whole day together, head to a neighboring town. Enjoy a good meal and explore what the area has to offer before heading back home.

      Whatever your time frame or budget, the goal of a date night (or day or afternoon) is simply to relax and reconnect with each other. Don’t worry about making things perfect; just enjoy making new memories together. And if you have a favorite fall date night activity that’s not on our list, please let us know in the comments!

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