Are you and your spouse a power couple?

Are You and Your Spouse A Power Couple?

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What does it really mean to be a power couple (and why should you care)?

Barack and Michelle. Jay Z and Beyonce. Prince William and Kate.

You could probably spend a good amount of time adding to the list of power couples off the top of your head. And those are just current A-List relationships. Think of those from days gone by too. Brad and Angelina. Fred and Ginger. Lucy and Desi.

What about Adam and Eve? The original power couple.

What the world sees as important to be a couple of great importance has a lot to do with fashion, celebrity, or political influence. We see things a bit differently. If you really want to be a power couple, do these three things:

If you want to be a power couple, make how well you serve each other’s deepest needs the ultimate status symbol.

Forget fast cars, diamond rings, big houses, or popularity. Those things don’t last. What will stand the test of time is the fruit of your selfless efforts to build the best possible relationship with your spouse.

You may not gain much of what the world sees as a high priority to your life.  However, what you’ll get is worth far more: trust, respect, support, companionship, true physical, emotional, and sexual intimacy. That’s a club we want to be in!

If you want to be a power couple, share your mistakes and triumphs openly with others.

Usually, the media does a fine job of sharing all of the dirt on Hollywood’s most renowned couples. Politicians don’t have to work very hard to have their mistakes front and center for everyone to see. Often times, after a marriage ends, it’s not unusual to hear all the juicy tidbits about how things unraveled.

Drama in a marriage isn’t unique to those who have the spotlight. It’s part of every relationship script. How the story plays out is different for true power couples. Power couples work through their challenges and then because their hearts are so full of desire to help others walk down a good road in their marriage, they’re open about what hurt them and helped them overcome.

If you want to be a power couple, champion marriage as an enterprise that can’t last without intentional, consistent, long-term effort.

It’s easy to look at a couple who you think has it made and think, “they’re so lucky.” Luck doesn’t have anything to do with it. If someone has a relationship that lasts, it’s because they’ve put a lot of hard work into it.

It’s just like anything in life. Do you want a nice yard? Well, you’re not going to magically wake up one day and get that putting-green-like lawn. Could you do the Pungu Mayasurana the first time you did yoga (look it up)? We thought not.

If you want to be a power couple, you’ve got to learn what it takes to get there and stay there. Get educated, and stay up on how you can have the best relationship possible with your spouse. Marriage Dynamics Institute requires its class facilitators to recertify every year, and it would be highly unusual for couples who go through the process to say their relationship wasn’t impacted after simply working through the same exercises again they’ve done many times before.

Can you and your spouse rise to the level of a true power couple? We truly believe you can. Many of the celebrity “power couples” end up divorced and disillusioned. But if you build a truly strong marriage, you’ll leave a lasting legacy that will influence generations to come.

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