Don't wait. Celebrate. Special days matter.

Don’t Wait. Celebrate!

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People are finding creative ways to celebrate special events these days.

Almost eight-year-old Caleb knew he could not have a birthday party because of social distancing. Caleb loves jeeps. So his mom asked jeep-owning friends to drive by their house on Caleb’s birthday and surprise her son. The request circulated widely. Several days later, more than 300 jeeps paraded down Caleb’s street for a very special birthday celebration.

Actor John Krasinski has become a You Tube sensation because of his weekly show Some Good News. SGN has provided events like a virtual graduation for students missing their ceremony this year.

Spring and summer are major wedding seasons. Instead of postponing, some couples are downsizing to meet current guidelines for group gatherings. One Nashville couple pared their guest list to immediate family and a few friends with souvenir face masks provided for those attending.

Other couples are opting for even smaller informal weddings with the promise of a big reception next year.

It’s clear that life doesn’t stop even during a global pandemic. So celebration shouldn’t stop either.

We all need to mark special days and make memories. And yes, sometimes we need to laugh and let go a little.

One family we know with adult children in different states celebrates with weekly dinners together. Every Friday, family members prepare meals in their various locations. Then they log onto a shared meeting platform to talk and laugh as though they were sitting around the same table.

Celebration is important for marriages perhaps especially now because it’s one of the ways we honor and encourage each other.

A wedding anniversary comes around whether your favorite restaurant is open or not. So right now many couples we know are finding new ways to celebrate their special day. Take out food? Check. Hike and a picnic? Sure. Movie marathon?  Why not. And of course candles with any dinner can make an ordinary day very special.

Could your marriage use a little energy? Maybe you need something to celebrate together!

Have you finished a project? Throw yourselves a little party. Did you make it through a tough week? Treat yourselves to something that makes you smile.

Of course Memorial Day is right around the corner. Barbecue anyone? And May includes some days just for fun—like National Chocolate Chip Day, Tap Dance Day, and International Jazz Day.

It’s also National Photograph month. Why not break out the family albums and let the stories begin!

You could observe Plant a Vegetable Garden Day by setting out your tomatoes. Honor astronaut Sally Ride on her day by doing a little star gazing. Or celebrate National Hamburger Day with your favorite … burger!

Whatever you do, have some fun! Life is just too short to postpone everything.

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