Multiply Your Healthy Marriage Legacy

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A legacy is something passed from one generation to the next.

Often, we think of legacy in financial terms. But legacy is about more than just money.

Over the past 25 years, generations of couples have participated in marriage courses and workshops offered through Marriage Dynamics Institute.

And as lives and relationships change—as couples find joy, meaning and purpose in marriage—they become part of the MDI healthy marriage legacy.

Then, when those couples reach out and serve others by facilitating marriage courses, the legacy is multiplied.

“My husband and I went through the “Save my Marriage” retreat four years ago. It was life changing. We have kept up on doing marriage retreats yearly and even leading a small group marriage study at our church. We have been restored and we are ready to help restore others.”   -A New Beginning workshop participants 

When we receive a message like this at Marriage Dynamics, we do a high-five happy dance.


Because this couple gets it.

They went through the A New Beginning workshop. Their marriage changed.

Then they put in the work to keep growing. They found ways to stay in community and encourage others.

This couple discovered how to grow a healthy marriage. Now they want to pass along what they have learned like a precious legacy.

What about you?

Are you passing on the healthy marriage legacy?

Consider three ways to multiply your healthy marriage legacy:
  • Live out a healthy marriage that enriches your own life, and inspires your children and others.
  • Multiply that legacy even further by facilitating a marriage course and helping other couples improve their marriages. 
  • Multiply your legacy as an MDI monthly giving partner, and ensure that Marriage Dynamics can provide courses that strengthen marriages and workshops that save marriages for years to come.

Want to build a healthy marriage legacy worth sharing?  Try a marriage enrichment course like Dynamic Marriage or United. If your marriage is stuck in an unhealthy place, consider a three-day workshop specifically designed for marriages in crisis. Find out more at

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