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Seven Tips to Help You Survive March Madness Together

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  • Go together to a local game or watch one at home as a date night. Or go to a favorite restaurant and watch the game there.
  • Make sure to balance other activities that everyone else likes to do. Don’t let basketball be the only activity in your house.
  • Use basketball as an analogy to talk about things in your marriage, like the “wins” you share together when you work as a team.
  • Talk about the importance of investing a similar amount of time in keeping your marriage healthy. Is it worth it to you to be part of a winning team in the game of life?

    The Final Four doesn’t have to be a threat one spouse gives another if they don’t get their basketball habit under control. The key to a happy tournament season is open communication, clear and reasonable expectations, and the type of understanding that makes a marriage successful in any scenario.

    Happy watching!

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