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Sexual Harassment Charges Should Be a Wake-up Call

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Learn from the Public Mistakes of Others to Keep Your Private Life in Great Shape

It’s almost unbearable to see the tidal wave of charges being brought out against the rich and famous these days. Case after case of sexual harassment and misconduct charges litter our news pages. As the damage mounts, it’s easy to focus all the attention on those who’ve fallen into this terrible trap. However, no one is exempt from sexual temptation.

What if the media placed a spotlight on your marriage? Just because they don’t scrutinize your every move doesn’t mean there isn’t an Enemy lurking around the corner, waiting to strike. After all, how many A-list celebrities thought “it couldn’t happen to me” or “no one will find out”?

Let me offer you a simple, four-step protection plan. Stay the course in these areas and steer clear of danger.

Keep Your Standards High
Remember the vows you exchanged with your spouse on your wedding day? When’s the last time you looked at them? Your commitment was to love, honor, and cherish each other. How’s that going? If your attention to your marriage vows is low, then your temptation levels are likely going to be higher. Stay focused on the plans and dreams you made together when you first started out in life, and temptation won’t be likely to find you.

Keep Your Guard Up
It’s no wonder so many people succumb to the pressure that seems to be pressing in on all sides of our families. You can’t even check the news without sexual temptation presenting itself in the stories published, advertisements proffered, or entertainment featured.

Keep Impurities Out
We often tend to sacrifice our standards on the altar of entertainment. For instance, we may make exceptions for movies or television shows that contain sex scenes because we like the plot line. The jokes we throw around in public or offhand comments we make or listen to go unchecked.

While we may see those things as harmless, they can slowly create an unhealthy environment. Keeping your marriage pure is too important to ignore the attacks that continuously pound against the fabric of your relationship.

Keep Your Marriage Hot
One of the best ways to maintain a strong relationship with your spouse is to invest the time and energy required to keep your sex life going strong. Take time to work through any challenges, get creative, and meet each other’s needs in and out of the bedroom.

What steps can you take to keep sexuality in your marriage the only place it belongs—between you and your spouse? Turn the television off, install some software, get some counseling. Whatever steps you need to take to curb the pull of sexual temptation, take them today.

Although that wandering look, that website visit, or that secret relationship may offer a temporary thrill, it’s not worth the destruction that’s sure to follow. Just as you can’t plant an acorn and get a sunflower, you can’t expect to sow seeds of lust and impurity and have a healthy marriage. Whatever you think you’ll gain through the illicit behavior that’s trying to draw you in, don’t fall for it—it’s a trick.

To sum up, are you willing to do what it takes to safeguard the purity of your marriage? Keep integrity at the forefront of your relationship and keep things growing and healthy.

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