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Three Reasons Not to Quit Your Job

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You may be tempted to quit your job. But is that the best choice right now?

Fred the Baker is an all-star.

Who is Fred the Baker? You mean you don’t remember him? He remained the faithful face of Dunkin’ Donuts during the 1980s and was famous for always saying “time to make the donuts.” The best thing about Fred is his complete devotion to his job, even if it wasn’t the most glamorous.

You need to be like Fred.

Unless you’re one of the 19 percent1 of people Forbes magazine says are satisfied with their job there’s a good chance it takes significant effort for you to get out of bed every day to get to the office. You may not like it, and you may even wonder what good you’re even doing for the world. You may believe life will be much better if you just quit your job.

Take heart. God’s given you a purpose and a place. Whether you work on a factory floor, the C-Suite, or inside the four walls of your house, remember these three things:

Your Job Provides Physical Security for Your Most Important Assets

According to the Center for Poverty Research, more than 40 million Americans live below the poverty line2. That means the average family of four would make less than $24,600. Even without knowing your personal situation, there’s a good chance you aren’t living in poverty. Perhaps your income isn’t as high as you’d like, and maybe it comes from a job you don’t like that much. Don’t take that for granted. Food, shelter, and clothing are blessings not available to everyone in the world.

Your Job Sets the Stage for a Happy Home

Your job provides more than just material things for your family. The emotional security they get from stable employment is very important, too. Job-hopping often involves moving to new places, finding new friends, and different churches. It means changing routines that help your family members feel safe and more certain about their world. Even if you think you’d be happier doing something else, consider how such a change will affect the ones you love.

Your Job Now May Be an Essential Step For Your Future

What you’re doing may not be your dream job, but it could be a stepping stone to it. Don’t rush things in your career. God has perfect timing. Your faithfulness in the small things shows how ready you are to tackle bigger challenges. Don’t force things; let them unfold. You never know who is watching you, what they need, and how well your faithful diligence shows you’re the perfect person for the job.

Don’t lose heart. In the Bible, Joseph found himself in a pit and a prison before finding his way to the palace (Genesis 37-41). Many people feel stuck in the daily grind and imagine what it would be like to work somewhere else. But unless it is threatening your health or compromising your integrity, don’t be so quick to quit your job. What you do when things are hard often leads to later opportunities. Keep going and do the best you can.

What you’re doing for your family is a big, big thing. Go make the donuts.

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