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Strengthen Your Marriage: Cut Overhead and Maximize Profits

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There is a business principle that might ring true for your marriage: Overhead can eat right through profits.

Think about what’s happened at Because its streamlined structure cuts out a lot of normal business expense, the online giant is making massive profits. Customers shop from home, which reduces labor costs that come with staffing brick-and-mortar stores.

Many experts think this is the wave of the future. In fact, a recent Fox Business News article says that e-commerce may reduce retail locations by as much as thirty percent in the next ten years. Online businesses maximize profits by shrinking overhead.

So how does this apply to marriage?

Is there some “overhead” in your marriage that’s keeping you from  maximum “profits” in your relationship? To put it another way, what’s getting in the way of enjoying your life as husband and wife?

Online shops have reduced what it takes to run a business in three areas: labor, facilities, and inventory. These areas might be sources of “overhead” in your marriage too. Consider where you might cut back in order to increase your “profits.”

Shrink Overhead, Strengthen Your Marriage

Labor Costs:

Living a hyper-scheduled life these days is the norm. In fact, it seems abnormal if the calendar isn’t filled 24/7. All of this busyness has a huge impact on families. There is simply not time for husbands and wives to manage all the activities they’ve taken on for themselves and their kids. Consequently, pressure to be involved in lots of activities—even good activities—can drive a wedge in your  marriage. Slow down and be honest—are you making time for what really matters? In 20 years, you will be thankful if you choose now to spend some evenings in conversation instead of always going separate directions. Quality time together will strengthen your marriage.

Facilities Costs:

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, since 1973 the average American family has shrunk from 3.01 people to 2.54 people, while the average single family home has increased by 1,000 square feet. Families are spending a greater portion of income on housing than ever before. The point? Smaller families are spending more money on larger houses. Does working more to pay increased “facility cost” mean less family time? Does it cause an increase in stress related to finances? Evaluate your current lifestyle. Could some changes free up more energy and resources for critical relationships like your marriage? Taking a close look at your priorities may help to strengthen your marriage.

Inventory Management:

When was the last time you took stock of how your marriage is going? Have you thought about how well you’re meeting the emotional needs of your spouse? Are you aware of any struggles they are having with your relationship? Take a marriage inventory together and determine what needs attention. It might be a tough conversation at first. But if you both come with your defenses down and minds open, you’ll find that small changes can yield big results.

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