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Trusting God in Your Life and Marriage

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Learning to trust God with everything….

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight (Proverbs 3:5-6).

If you have children, you know the direction you point them isn’t always the direction they want to go. You don’t steer them to an alternate route to spoil their fun or cause them grief. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You want what’s best for them and to see them succeed.

Still, if you think back to when you were a kid, did you ever question your parents’ judgment? It probably wasn’t always the most natural thing to believe that they knew what they were doing. As you look back, though, it becomes evident they knew a lot more than you thought, didn’t they?

Like a child who thinks they know better than their parent, we often find it hard to trust God. We doubt that what He suggests as the way of wisdom is just that. Now, we might not come right out and say it, but our actions shout, “God, this case is different. I can handle this one exclusive of the road You’ve asked me to travel.”

We acknowledge that God can see the big picture, and we know that He walked life’s roads through His son Jesus.

But do we really live as though we believe it?

This is true even in our marriages. Maybe you’ve asked yourself the question, “Why, in this relationship I treasure above all others, do I have such a hard time being the person I want to be?” Your temper gets short, your looks become cold, and you feel like you’ve got way too short a fuse.

When God says we need to let go of grudges against our spouse and learn to forgive, we think, “I don’t think I can.” Or when the opportunity arises to put our spouse’s hopes and dreams before our own, we think, “What about me?”

Let go and trust God.

For most of us, there is a part of our hearts that we don’t want to entrust to God. We feel the tug of fear or the push of pride and think we’d like to keep that part for ourselves. We think we’ll miss something if we don’t. Our needs just won’t get met. However, it’s the ability to trust God with every last piece of ourselves that brings us closer to Him—and our spouse.

The writer of Proverbs suggests putting your whole heart in the care of the One who can lift you up, and sometimes holds you back. This is the key to things working out for the best in your marriage relationship.

How does that show up in your life?

When we’re walking God’s path instead of our own, we learn not to react immediately when something doesn’t go our way. We try to see another perspective and give the benefit of the doubt. We reflect on the situation and ask God what He wants us to do, which doesn’t always line up with what we feel like doing.

In short, we walk down a path few ever care to explore to the fullest. It is then that we experience the complete joy that comes when we empty ourselves of ourselves, let God fill the space, and live to please Him by serving others.

More of God, less of you. When you travel that road, you’re headed to the best possible destination.

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