Why #GivingTuesday Matters for Marriages in Crisis

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#GivingTuesday provides an opportunity to support things you value. Causes that are important.

Marriage Dynamics Institute exists to support marriage, which is the most intimate of human relationships. Marriage is beautiful. But it’s also challenging.


And even the best relationships require tune ups and tweaks. They need to be nourished along the way to become strong and resilient, able to weather whatever life brings.


But when a marriage is in trouble, a couple may need serious professional help to get things in perspective, stop hurting each other and begin to rebuild.


And that’s what happens at the A New Beginning workshop for marriages in crisis.


Here is a sampling of what participants say after they attend A New Beginning:


I would like to thank y’all for what you do.  This past weekend was truly a blessing.  [The workshop] was very eye opening and totally changed my perspective of being a spouse and how to actually be married.  It was life changing and I can’t say enough about it.  It truly saved my marriage and my family…Thank you so so much…



This workshop was instrumental in giving my spouse and I tools that we can use in everyday life to get our marriage back on track. The practicality of the things we learned will be enough to motivate us to keep working hard. My outlook and perspective on my marriage and on my spouse has changed. Thank you for helping me discover the value in my marriage and the “want-to” to continue.


We have been married for 50 years. If only we had known about this workshop 40 years ago. We have wasted so many years! Learning to communicate is so important and we are not good at it!! We now have the tools to change that! Thank you!


Notes like these remind us that what we do at Marriage Dynamics Institute makes a difference.


It really matters.


But we cannot do it alone.


Marriage Dynamics Institute is a non-profit ministry. That means registration fees cover some, but not all, of the costs associated with workshops and other programs. And many couples need additional scholarship assistance just to get to the workshop. So we rely on people like you who believe in what we do and enjoy giving to support this work.


Your #GivingTuesday donation makes a difference for marriages in crisis.

When you become a Marriage Dynamics Institute monthly supporter, your gifts help strengthen and save marriages!

Your generous giving means that more couples in crisis discover the value in their marriage and the “want-to” to continue.

They get the tools needed to grow a thriving marriage.

And when marriages thrive, children feel more secure. Families are healthier. Extended families are encouraged. Churches are stronger. Communities are more stable.

Your one time or monthly gift to Marriage Dynamics Institute matters!

Join the global movement on December 3rd #GivingTuesday. Give to Marriage Dynamics Institute and make a difference!

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