Getting to the Best Pulled Pork in Marriage

Getting to the Best Pulled Pork in Marriage….

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Did you know one of the most popular Internet searches today is the two yummy little words “pulled pork?

Though I’ve been married 26 years, I’ve never made it at home. It’s not because we don’t like it. Our family has tried numerous barbecue places to see whose sandwich is the best.

How is one to know?

Everyone claims they’ve got the best recipe, but what’s that special secret to making pulled pork you’ll come back for time and again? My curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to join thousands of others who scour the Internet in the quest to find the best recipe for pulled pork.

Turns out it wasn’t thousands of people searching and posting about pulled pork. It was millions. In fact, 41,000,000 results came up when I did my search.

Who has time to look at all of these?

Of course it would be really hard to know which recipe is actually the best out of the millions suggested online. But, after searching a bit, several caught my eye and two stood out as great recipes to try.

One was, “Make the Perfect Pulled Pork at Home” and the other one claimed the “Ultimate BBQ Pulled Pork.” (Also in the running were “Easy Pulled Pork Recipe” or “Five-Ingredient Slow Cooker Pulled Pork,” but they didn’t make the final cut-no pun intended).  

During my research I came to realize that recipes for pulled pork have a lot in common. Making the dish is a very slow process. It would take several hours, at minimum, for me to compete with the best. With a little patience, the resulting pulled pork should be easy to shred, extremely tender, and packed with flavor.

So that got me thinking. Turns out, the way you make pulled pork has a lot to do with the way you make a great marriage. Just like we want to find that perfect recipe for pulled pork (or a hundred other dishes), most of us are looking for the right ingredients to create the perfect relationship with our spouse.

Let’s pull this apart and chew on it a little more….

People all over the Internet are looking at recipes and watching “how-to” videos to find the perfect mix of meat, seasoning, sauce and technique for the best pulled pork they can make. When you prepare something special, don’t you love it when friends and family tell you how great it tastes? “I’ve just got to have your recipe!” is one of the best compliments ever.

When it comes down to it, great ingredients blended well together and simmered or roasted over time create flavors everyone loves. It’s not that different in a good marriage. You need to combine love, respect, commitment, trust, support, emotional and physical intimacy, humor, forgiveness….the list could go on and on. There’s no “quick” way to put all these ingredients together, either. You’re marriage has to be “slow-cooked” with the right combination.

When you get it right, your relationship will have a unique flavor and perfect tenderness. People may even ask, “What do you do to get such a great result?”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m starving.

Guess what I’m having for dinner…

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