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Make a Good Marriage Better: Ideas for the New Year

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Now that Santa is in the rearview, we get down to the business of making that list and checking it twice.

“What list?” you may be asking.

The list you are composing–mentally, electronically, or on paper–of your top priorities for this new year.

So what’s on your list? 

You might want to include one (or more) of these ideas to make your good marriage even better in 2021. (#HealthyMarriage)

  • Work on active listening skills.

    Set aside a minimum of 20 minutes each day for uninterrupted conversation with your spouse. Make sure you divide the time evenly. Put away phones, turn off electronic devices, and look at each other as you converse. 

  • Calendar date nights.

    Plan ahead for the weekly or bi-weekly time you will spend together. Quiet evenings are nice, but so is an afternoon bike ride or hike at a nearby state park. 

  • Do a relationship check-up together.

    What do you enjoy about your good marriage right now? What would you like to experience more of in your marriage? How’s your sex life? Don’t just assume you know what your spouse is thinking. Talk about what you want and need from your marriage this year.

  • Participate in a nine-week marriage course to enrich and grow your relationship.

    Online classes start again in January. Find out more by calling 615-628-3018.

  • Lead a marriage course this year!

    Facilitate an online course from the comfort of your home. Or lead an in-person class in your church/community. Grow your own relationship as you help other couples make a good marriage better. 

Finally, if your marriage is not in a great place, you may want to participate in the A New Beginning workshop. Three days can provide the tools you need to turn things around and make a fresh start at a healthy relationship with your spouse in 2021. 

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