Anniversary Celebration Ideas

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How do you and your spouse like to celebrate your anniversary? Could you use some fresh anniversary celebration ideas?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or make every anniversary a huge event. Sometimes that’s not possible or even appropriate. But committing yourself to another person for life is a big deal, and your marriage is worth celebrating.

Because celebrations are like exclamation points in life! And that’s why throughout the Bible, God tells his people over and over to remember His goodness and celebrate special days.

Taking time to mark your anniversary is a way to honor each other and the love you share. It’s also a way to remember God’s faithfulness through the years of your marriage.

So if you’re not sure what to do this year, you might want to try one of these anniversary celebration ideas:

  1. Recreate your wedding night menu. Do you remember the first meal you enjoyed together as husband and wife? If you like to cook, prepare that together or find something similar at a favorite restaurant. Then enjoy eating and remembering.
  2. Watch the video of your wedding, if you have one. Or look through your wedding photos. Do you have copies of your wedding vows? Read them aloud to each other, just the two of you.
  3. Hire a photographer (or enlist a friend or an older child) and do a photo shoot to commemorate the day. Dress up or go casual, find a beautiful outdoor spot, or pick a place that has special significance in your relationship. Then take some lovely pictures.
  4. Relive your first date. In other words, go back to the original location if you can, or plan something similar. Above all get creative and re-create some part of the experience for an anniversary treat.
  5. Knock an item off your bucket list. Have you dreamed about taking a hot air balloon ride? Or perhaps sky diving? Maybe there is a major league sporting event you both want to attend. So why not mark your special day with a once-in-a lifetime event or adventure. (Part of the gift is just taking each other’s dreams seriously enough to turn them into reality.)
  6. Plan thoughtful gifts for your spouse. For example, if you have been married five years, you might give five roses. Ten years? How about a ten-minute massage? Or consult a chart of traditional anniversary gifts and use that as a guide to find something interesting and fun your spouse would enjoy.
  7. If the weather allows, celebrate outdoors. First, take a walk, hike or bike ride. Then just sit on a blanket and enjoy the outdoors together.
  8. Listen to music. Maybe play songs that were special to you at different points in your relationship. Then retell the stories from your life that make you laugh, and just enjoy being together.
  9. Plan a romantic get-away to the beach or to the mountains. And there are lots of websites that offer short vacations at a discount, even at the last minute. Or you might plan in advance for an all-inclusive resort if you want to relax and avoid making a lot of decisions.
  10. Can’t get away? Another option is to plan a “stay-cation” to celebrate. What do visitors want to see when they come to your city or town? Is there a nearby state park with a scenic overlook or a waterfall? Why not Google local attractions and take in the sights. After that, try a new restaurant.


It’s your day, so make it your kind of special. Because you can enjoy remembering and make new memories all at the same time.

Do you have other memorable anniversary celebration ideas? Share them in the comments below!


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