Is the Mission Impossible?

Is a Happy Marriage a “Mission Impossible”?

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it… (Cue the music)

The Mission: Impossible franchise is at it again. The sixth installment of the blockbuster set of films hits theaters during summer 2018. Mega-star Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt, along with other big names as the series, which has grossed more than $2 billion worldwide looks to provide all new thrills and twists—including what many are saying will be some of  Cruise’s biggest stunts to date.

Movie franchises are successful because the characters and concepts are proven. Not only have they performed once or twice, in the case of Mission:Impossible, it’s been proven five times so far. Sure, they are huge investments (between $80-$150 million a pop), but they average $4-7 hundred million in return at the box office.

That’s why people take the risk and get married, isn’t it? They know it’s a risk—they know it’s a huge investment of their lives, but the payoff seems well worth the effort. The characters (man and wife) and the concept (living, loving, and serving together for a life) are proven. In fact, if done right it can’t fail because God has a perfect track record as a producer and director.

That’s where things go awry.

Sometimes one or both members of the cast step in and think they know better than God. Sin and selfishness get the best of the actors and they want creative license. That’s like putting J. J. Abrams against a fourth-grader with a smartphone and asking who will get the better end result.

Luckily, at Marriage Dynamics, we have a couple of winning franchises of our own to help couples write a fantastic next chapter of their story, or to get back on track when they’re facing trouble in the plot. The mission is not impossible, and we can help you along the way, wherever you find yourself in your marriage relationship.

Every marriage can use a refresher from time to time….

Our A New Beginning Workshop is a three-day intensive crisis workshop that’s served almost 4,000 couples throughout the nation. The reviews speak for themselves. Almost 75 percent of couples who attend save their marriage from divorce.

Or, there’s our nine-week course Dynamic Marriage. A full 90 percent of couples tell us they experience positive growth in their marriage from taking that one. Sure, both take an investment of time and money, but the returns are absolutely fabulous.

There’s also ReConnect, a weekend retreat designed to reignite the spark you’ve had with your spouse in the past. Just check out this review from an attendee:

“This workshop, in a non-confrontational and gentle way, introduced us to new ways to recognize what was important to each other and to ourselves. We learned new ways to incorporate church and prayer into our everyday life and devotion to one another. We also learned new ways to acknowledge and celebrate that which we love about one another. At the end of the day, our devotion to one another and to God is what will see us through both good and dark times.”

Your mission, should you accept it, is to preserve, protect, and propel your marriage no matter what it takes.

We’re here to help you do that. And don’t worry, this message won’t self-destruct.

Click here to download our PDF, “7 Foolproof Ways to Build Exceptional Love” … it’s our free gift to you!

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