“Fall” in Love Again—A Dozen Autumn Dates

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It may be 95 degrees at your house, but the calendar says Autumn has arrived. And the change of seasons brings a return to some familiar rhythms of life. Because kids are back in school. Friday night lights are ablaze in cities and towns across the country. And pumpkin spice is absolutely everywhere. After the lazy days of summer, life …

Adding a Little Flavor to Your Marriage

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Why is there pumpkin spice flavor in everything? From lattes to cereal, yogurt to rice cakes, this popular flavor, which actually has no pumpkin in it, seems to be everywhere this time of year. (If you don’t believe us, then check out this ranking of 124 pumpkin spice products.) Flavors and smells can evoke strong memories. Perhaps the popularity of …

Rake Often to Keep Your Marriage from "FALL-in" Apart

Rake Often to Keep Your Marriage From “Fall”ing Apart

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It’s the same goal every year. This Fall, you think to yourself, I am actually going to stay on top of keeping the leaves out of my yard. Good intentions are the road paved to…lots of leaves. They seem so harmless when the air begins to turn a bit more crisp and the foliage that’s most excited to leave the company of …