Couple talking - know your spouse

How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?

Matt Communication, Marriage Health

Whatever else you may know, be sure you know your spouse…. While more people than ever are earning bachelor’s degrees, the U.S Census Bureau reports only about two percent of the American population holds an earned doctorate. That’s a pretty small number of people who are either dedicated or crazy enough to jump through all of the hoops required and …

holding hands - staying united during marital disagreements

Marital Disagreements – Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry in Public

Matt Communication, Marriage Health, Patience

Know the right time and place to tackle marital disagreements. Pop quiz: What’s one of the most awkward things to endure? Is it: Accidentally telling your boss “I love you” before you get off the phone. Having someone point out to you that you’re pants are unzipped. Having someone point out that you forgot to wear pants. Watching a married …

Man carrying boxes - how to help your spouse when they need it

Is Your Spouse Stressed Out? Five Ways to Help

Marriage Dynamics Institute Communication, Marriage Health

It’s vital in a marriage to help your spouse when they are overwhelmed—even if they don’t know how to ask for help. You know when you pull into the garage and you’ve got a lot of groceries to carry inside? You don’t want to have to come back out, so you try to take everything to the house at once. What …

Cell phone addiction can hurt good communication

Are You Listening? – 5 Bad Habits that Prevent Good Communication

Marriage Dynamics Institute Communication, Marriage Health, Quality Time

Even in the best marriages, communication can be a challenge.  With all the noise out there, it’s a wonder we can hear anything. That poses a problem for couples who want to keep their relationship healthy through good communication. A University of California – San Diego study suggests the average person in the U.S. processes more than a hundred thousand …

Cluttered drawer -declutter your marriage

Declutter Your Marriage in Fifteen Minutes a Day

Marriage Dynamics Institute Communication, Marriage Health, Quality Time, Time Management

Decluttering your marriage is a little like decluttering your house. As you navigate the hustle and bustle of life, certain things tend to pile up around the house. It’s not that you don’t notice things are out of place. You’re just choosing to get everyone where they need to be. And you are making sure they have what they need when they …

Spending Time at the Airport Could Help Your Marriage

How Spending Time at the Airport Can Help Your Marriage

Marriage Dynamics Institute Communication, Patience

Let me guess what one of your top ten favorite things in the world isn’t: sitting at the airport waiting for a flight. It’s not like the experience is traumatic – at least not usually. Waiting is usually just annoying. But it can wear you down. Slow moving security lines. Gate changes. Flight delays. These all have the potential to make …

Three Numbers that Guarantee You’ll Hit the Marriage Jackpot

Marriage Dynamics Institute Communication, Contentment, Marriage Health, Quality Time

In August 2017 a Massachusetts woman hit the jackpot. With odds of 292 million to one, Mavis Wanczyk lined out six numbers perfectly to claim an astounding $758 million prize. Because she’s taking her winnings in a lump sum instead of a 30-year payout, she’s only left with a measly $310 million after Uncle Sam gets his cut. Poor Mavis. …